• Being more practical and realistic in what you can and can’t change.

• Taking care of the day to day essentials - paying more attention to the detail.

• Using hard facts in your decision making process, not just gut hunches.

• Exploring ways of sharing your thoughts verbally with…

Welcome back to me

I haven’t posted here in a while. Honestly, it’s been because of depression. These are things I don’t usually share on fb, twitter or other social networks. For some reason I feel this is more private and I can express myself more. I would like to go out more but I get so tired during the weekend and I do need a break from life. I wish there were more days I had off and I could actually relax. Currently my contacts broke and I am using someone else’s glasses. Is this rock bottom? I have no idea. I don’t feel like conversting with people in person. I need this time to myself. I will try to write more on here to better express my thoughts. I have been listening to a lot of Dead Can Dance, and Alphaville lately. It’s been helping a lot. Thanks.